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In the field of Higher and Technical Education, Lucknow College of Management & Education is one of the renowned names in Lucknow region.

The College is established in 2012 with the vision of providing quality education. LCME is affiliated to University of Lucknow, Lucknow which offers the under graduate courses – BBA and B.Com.

We are dedicated to beat industry practices through research, training and consultancy programmes and churn the best management graduates in the industry.


Excellence in the field of education through leadership, strong business partnership, focusing on technology and innovation, promoting entrepreneurial programs and bringing a global perspective to all its activities.


Creating an innovative and intellectual environment in the campus with a focus on practice oriented learning driven by our strong corporate interface in a technology-rich, national marketplace.

Principal Message: Dr.Bipin Bihari Agarwal

The chasm to synchronize the traditional value system and the contemporary ideas of business and management is increasing at an alarming pace. There is a need to build bridge between two realms to ensure progress of multitude of people in the society. Lucknow College of Management &Education; has been incessantly trying to bring the two different planes of modern existence into a harmonious and balanced state. I believe that all kinds of thinking, political, philosophical or ideological have to improve the quality of human life in both materialistic and spiritual sense. The Institute has an everlasting commitment for developing professionals with humane and pragmatic approach to bring this change in the society. Further, we have to benchmark ourselves on a global scale with the best management education institutions and become the institution-of-choice for the best students from the most advanced countries in the world. This is a big challenge indeed. Knowing the great faculty we have, I have no doubt that this objective will be achieved and exceeded. To facilitate Indian Organizations in providing skilled man power for improving competitiveness in domestic and International markets to promote usage and management of newer concepts and electronic information systems. Today’s business environment is characterized by powerful forces of change – far reaching and continuing developments in science and technology; increasing integration of the world’s economies We at Our educational and training programs are anchored around this philosophy. Our programs and activities are guided by our vision, mission and core values.